250 Million Years...in the Future..   Pangea Ultima

We've talked about our history.  Now, let's talk a little about our future..yours, mine and the Earth's.  Philosophy + geology = common sense.

Chris Scotese's a young geologist and computer graphics whiz.   The animated graphic he put together is worth a thousand words.  Pangea Ultima, as it is known, will have Africa and North America side by side.  All the continents will be joined again into one land mass.  My point is, ultimately all the plates will be joined once again as Earth completes another major cycle.

We had better learn to get along with each other.  That's the point of my poem, Earth Song.  Whether the Human Race will be part of that remains to be seen but it is my strong opinion we need to correct our attitudes and behave like good neighbors who respect one another. 

To see Pangea Ultima, click here.

The last time Earth underwent this transformation was 250 million years ago; it was called the Great Permian Extinction, and 90% of all life on this planet died. Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon or on the floor of Monument Valley and your feet are touching formations created at that time. Arizona was 20 degrees below the Equator then.  Pangea was breaking apart into the familiar continents we know today.  The Atlantic Ocean was being born. We're at the fulcrum point..the center of geologic time.  250 million years in the future, it will be joined again. The value of knowing  history is predicting the future. Use your imagination about the sequence of events.

Nuf sed.

Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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