Flagstaff Volcanic Fields

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600 extinct volcanos surround Flagstaff alone.  A result of the collision of the Pacific and North American plates, this hotspot is still active and future eruptions are expected high on the Colorado Plateau.  Eruptions began 6 million years ago as the North American plate slid northwest across the Pacific plate and continues today.  The youngest of these eruptions is Sunset Crater whose last eruption woke the Sinaguans in 1064 AD.  Some of the ground around Sunset Crater is still warm from the lava flow while the top of the crater has ice formations indicating an endothermic (heat absorbing) reaction.   Flagstaff locals during the early 1900's used to climb to the summit to chop ice for the community below. 




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Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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