Electromagnetic Anomalies in Arizona

... this time, it's straight from the United States Geological Survey site and not our seemingly flaky friend, Page Byrant who found 6 of these areas in Sedona while living there in the 1950's. Native American populations have flocked to that area from Canada to Central America for hundreds of years.  Now, thanks to hardcore scientific research, we can safely say, they were all correct. The North American plate is moving in a northwesterly direction over the Pacific plate.  As this lighter lithospheric layer moves over the magma hotbeds below, fractures and thinner portions of the crust are changed.  Arizona is the most exciting state I've ever lived in.  Every day, it's something new! (P.S., Page was right after all)  Wait till you see the list of hot springs!  Hot springs are a direct result of water being exposed directly or indirectly to lava fissures deep below the surface.  Our planet is alive and well and doing fine.

Magnetic anomalies in AZ USGS.JPG (89817 bytes)  Click to enlarge.   It's an amazing map!

Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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