Cortez, Colorado

I went to Cortez to explore Crow Canyon, Yellowjacket and the surrounding area northwest of Mesa Verde.  We rode horseback through stunning canyons, hiked through Sand Canyon Pueblo, visited all the Anasazi sites we could.  It's a passion.

Sand Canyon Pueblo kiva.JPG (272904 bytes) Sand Canyon Pueblo kiva Wods Canyon potsherds.JPG (84039 bytes) Jack's Canyon was littered with potshards! Anasazi black on white and corrugated designs (meaning they're about 1100 years old!) Yellow Jacket1.JPG (65528 bytes)   Yellow Jacket mound.  Under all the sagebrush are artifacts waiting to see the light of day again.
Woods Canyon2.JPG (86523 bytes)   Woods Canyon delights Yellow Jacket Old Walls.JPG (79269 bytes)  Yellow Jacket walls Yellow Jacket Genral Store.JPG (55937 bytes)  Yellow Jacket's General Store and Post Office
Ranger and Doc.JPG (64315 bytes) Getting Doc and Ranger ready for another day under the saddle Chuck and Ranger 2.JPG (82780 bytes)   Chuck and Ranger as we headed out aspen3.JPG (88867 bytes) Gorgeous aspen canapy to ride through
Doc and Michele 2.JPG (189256 bytes) Doc and me Doc and Michele.JPG (200187 bytes) aspen2.JPG (96414 bytes) Beautiful morning aspen
Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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