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The Grab and Go 3 Day pack

1. The Grab and Go Kit

2. Water- 1 Gallon per person per day PLUS water for hygiene and cooking. We can’t emphasis this enough. The desert is a deceptive place. Iodine tablets or a small bottle of Clorox for water purification (just in case you run out)

3. Food: high energy, maximum calories and easy to make

4. Medical/Health: First aid kit. Include a couple of packets of honey. It’s a natural antiseptic. Tweezers for cactus needles. Ace bandages for sprains. Peroxide. Cottonballs. Bandaids. (Wild Oats carries the next 2: Tea tree oil (antiseptic) Arnica (put it on and watch the bruises disappear!) Nu-Skin for blisters.

5. Garbage sacks (haul it in, haul it out).

6. Topo maps and/or hiking books

Grab and Go Kit
1. Sleeping bag

2. Backpack (soft with padded shoulder straps)

3. Lightweight tent: “critter guards”- (insects, snakes, coyotes, cougars and/or bears);Shields you from the wind and occasional rain.

4. Waterproof matches

5. Coleman propane single burner stove. Cheap, reliable, fast and safe!

6. Nested pans with copper bottoms (Wal-Mart has good, inexpensive sets) Don’t forget forks, spoons, paring knife and spatula.

7. Toilet paper, aluminum foil, dish detergent, pan scrubber and handy wipes

8. Sun screen –30 or higher

9. Sandwich bags for collectibles along the path

10. Camera

11. Rain gear/poncho and extra heavy sweater

Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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