Kinishba Ruins

Fort Apache, Arizona, offers more than military history chronicling General George Crook and the Apache Wars.  West of the fort, you can take a guided tour of Kinishba, an Anasazi ruin of 200 rooms, square kiva and roomy plaza.  You can see first hand, without going to Chaco Canyon or Canyon de Chelly...or Keet Siel, the workmanship the Anasazi-Hisatsinom..the People of Peace...are famous for. 

Go to the Cultural Center located on the west side of the old fort grounds and get your permit.  It's a $5 admission fee which entitles you to take a self guided walking tour of the site. They have excellent displays and a very good movie that will prime you for the experience.  Located about a mile west of the fort, the signage is clear.   Simply follow the dirt road 1.8 miles off the highway and park your car.  It's a delight.  When you go into the plaza area, walk to the southeast corner, now covered by bushes and push the branches away to see the familiar Chaco style workmanship.   Absolutely outstanding!  Anasazi, all the way! I love being right!! (big smile).  However, having "discovered" this site long before asphalt walk ways, I miss the freedom to move over the property.  The plus side is that it has finally gotten the care and recognition it deserves.

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Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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