Meteorite Map of Arizona

Meteorites have been discovered in some interesting places in this state.   Holbrook is one of the best places to look for them but obviously, there's literally a path of occurrence. Looking for them while you're hiking adds to the fun and is just one more thing to be aware of in this incredibly diverse state called Arizona. The upper boundary runs from Kingman to Canyon de Chelly.  The southern boundary is from Ajo southeast to Nogales.

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If you think you've found a meteorite, 3 preliminary tests should be performed:

1. Is it heavier than a normal rock of the same size?
2. Does it attract a magnet?
3. Does it have a dark brown or black crust?

There are several individuals and organizations --with catalogs or Internet sites -- that buy and sell meteorites or can help identify suspected meteorites including:
New England Meteoritical Society (Mendon, MA)
Bethany Sciences (New Haven Connecticut
Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C.)
Center for Meteorite Study (Arizona State Univ., Tempe, Arizona
Robert Haag (Tucson, AZ)
Mare Meteorites (Oakland, CA)
MMR Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Walter Zeitschel (Hanau, Germany)
Swiss Meteorite Lab (Glarus, Switzerland).

Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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