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Mineral Mountain Hike

August 15th, 2004

This is southeast of Phoenix about 60 miles on desert pavement so the driving is extremely rough and tedious.  Lots of narrow, almost impassible..in some cases impassible trails so familiar to those who go off road in Arizona.  The jeep got turned around on several occasions as we ran into 15' drop-offs, dangerously steep hills and missing chunks of a trail. We left at 4:30 AM and returned at 7:30 PM, worn out by the heat and exertion of the hike. We knew it was going to be hot so we traveled early.   Long, hot day (110 degrees!) but fun. Around every corner, there's a surprise!  

Numerous caves, washouts, an abandoned corral, abandoned mines all point to the rugged environment even the toughest people vacated. What would possess people to live out here?  No water available in August, let alone May through July.  The mines were unsuccessful but they left their fingerprints in their attempt to find riches.

You'll see why you do not venture into the desert unprepared.  I wish I could give you a scale for the size of these peaks.   This is south of the Superstitions. If you got lost down here, no one would find you...ever!  As the monsoon clouds began to develop, wisely, we headed out. As you can see by the photos, this is flash flood country.  Interesting once in lifetime experience.

minmtnview.JPG (55342 bytes)  High view of where we're headed. goleft.JPG (80336 bytes)  Rock formations golefthill.JPG (64352 bytes)  These peaks are hundreds of feet high.
golefthillzoom.JPG (53375 bytes) barn.JPG (54638 bytes) Abandoned ranch with a corral and shelter fence.JPG (65790 bytes)  Looking east
fenc2.JPG (60348 bytes)  Looking north barn2.JPG (46441 bytes)  Fenced area fenc3.JPG (56746 bytes)  Fence shot to the south.  This whole area is about 25 miles on some of the most treacherous road we've ever covered.
path1.JPG (57552 bytes)  End of the trail.   Now, we're on foot. path2.JPG (49203 bytes)  The overgrown road. path3.JPG (72675 bytes)  A better close-up.
path5.JPG (62972 bytes)  Around the corner stream.JPG (67460 bytes)  The only stream of water we saw all day from the recent monsoon rains.  It ran so slowly, algae covered the rocks but it was a pleasant surprise.  Cool breezes and needed shelter from the burning sun.  No drinking water here unless you are desperate! dpath.JPG (54211 bytes)  Between the first canyon walls.
Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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