Mining Timeline

1100 AD Hohokam Indians colonized the Bradshaw Mountains, built forts and mined copper.
1300 AD Hohokam Indians left and Yavapai Indians moved in and mined copper.
1800 AD Apache Indians use the Bradshaw Mountains as a stronghold - kept white men out
1850’s Mexican miners work in the area and built arrastras but were forced out by Apaches
1863 The first white men in the area led by William Bradshaw. The Walker Party arrives which includes Jack Swilling.
1864 Bradshaw commits suicide in La Paz.
1864 Mining district and mountains named for William and brother Isaac
1864 Famous battle between prospectors and Indians at “Battle Flat”
1868 Isaac “Ike” Bradshaw returns to prospect
1870 First big strike in the Bradshaw’s at Del Pasco
1870 Del Pasco strike followed 2 months later by the Tiger strike
1874 Bradshaw City post office established by Noah Shekels
1874 Oro Bonito (Oro Belle) claim work begun
1875 Crowned King Mine claim located by school teacher who trade to O.F. Place for saddle
1877 “Luke’s Mill” - soon to be the Crown King mill established and sold to pay off creditors
1878 Construction of road to Oro Bonito (Oro Belle)
1879 Tiger gets it’s own mill
1879 Disaster at Tiger- miners killed while being lowered into shaft
1879 Oro Bonito Mill started (legend of transportation of the mill)
1884 “Luke’s Mill” working again under new owners
1880 Post office at Bradshaw City closed, Tiger dwindles
1887 Isaac T. Stoddard purchases Oro Bonito and incorporates Oro Bella Mining Co.
1888 New road to Oro Bella constructed
1888 George P. Harrington, a banker from Illinois, partners with Place and Shekels in the Crowned King
1888 “Luke’s Mill” expanded and named Crowned King Mill
1888 Crown King gets first post office and Harrington is postmaster, Shekels superintendent of mine
1889 Oro Belle gets a new mill
1890 Mill shut down due to lack of water - no significant events at Oro Bella until 1900
1890 Ike Patrick opens saloon in Crown King (ran who ran hoist at Tiger disaster)
1891 Prescott Miner calls for railroad to be built into the Bradshaw’s
1892 Cyanide process implemented at Crown King mill, a new 300 ft shaft begun
1892 Feud starts between Harrington-Shekels, and Place. Mine closed until 1893,assay office built
1894 Harrington moves family to Crown King
1895 New ore body found, mill runs 24 hours a day for a year making $40-50K/month
1896 Crown King gets electric light plant
1897 Harrington builds house for son Rube and new bride just above mill, general store
1899 New strike at Crown King - richest in Arizona at $180,000/ton, then mine shut down (feud)
1900 Harrington and son Rube take option on Oro Bella
1901 Eastern investors buy Crown King and install new electric plant and work tailings
1904 IGA buys Oro Bell and establishes post office in the name of Harrington
1904 Arrival of Frank Murphy’s Railroad to Crown King
1904 Road built from Crown King to Oro Bella (Harrington)
1905 Harrington replaced by Schlesinger as Oro Bella mine superintendent, and reinstated
1908 Harrington resigns, becomes county supervisor and moves to Prescott
1909 Crown King mine sold for $35K in cash and $35K in stock
1910ish Harrington returns to Crown King and lives in assay office.
1916 Tom Anderson moves saloon from Oro Belle to Crown King and runs until 1950’s
1917 Harrington donates land and money for school and church
1922 Harrington dies of cancer in Los Angeles
1950 Fire burns houses and cabins, Harrington’s church, almost gets General Store
1976 FF ranch burns (moved from Tiger Mine)

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