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Mogollon Rim Road

September 11-12th, 2004

I camped overnight at Houston Mesa, a very safe site about a mile north on Hwy. 87 from the Hwy 260 intersection.  This year, you do not want to camp in undeveloped areas.   Several campers have been shot in their sleeping bags, sites have been pilfered and generally unsettling events have taken place. 

Sunday morning, I took the road north, stopping for breakfast at the Nifty 50's restaurant in Pine.Just north of Pine is the East Verde River Unconformity, an area missing 1 billion years of geologic history.  From there, I stopped at the Arizona Trail at Moqui site then headed from the Rim Road for some of the most spectacular views in Arizona.   It's on the top of the Colorado Platear, where the Plateau meets the Central Highlands. Last stop of the day was at Woods Canyon Lake, several miles east of Payson on Hwy 260.  The elk were out.   Beautiful!! 

There are 28 photos mounted here for your enjoyment.

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Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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