Colorado Plateau Trip

Bright Angel Trail.jpg (131472 bytes)Looking down on Bright Angel Trail and Indian Gardens Condor and goat story.jpg (152666 bytes)

The sandstone outcropping from The Condor and the Goat story

Desert View view.jpg (115873 bytes)

From Desert View: The Colorado River

GC sunset and rain.JPG (46578 bytes)

Sunset and Rain

GC sunset and rain3.JPG (63816 bytes)

Sunset and Rain

GC sunset.jpg (63669 bytes)

Looking toward the North Rim

GC sunsetcrop.JPG (76282 bytes)

From Lipan Point

GC sunsetlate.JPG (113271 bytes)

Awesome colors

Hopi mural ceiling.jpg (71921 bytes)

Watch Tower mural on the ceiling

Hopi mural ceiling2.jpg (106785 bytes)

Watch Tower mural on the sides

Hopi mural DV.jpg (95540 bytes)

Watch Tower main mural

Hopi mural DV2.JPG (86554 bytes)

Watch Tower main mural

Hopi mural DV3.jpg (71929 bytes)

Watch Tower mural

Hopi mural panel detail.jpg (62004 bytes)

Watch Tower side panels

Little Colo Rv.jpg (144926 bytes)

The Little Colorado River

Oak Creek Canyon.jpg (153518 bytes)

Oak Creek Canyon

Steamboat Rock Sedona.jpg (139200 bytes)

Steamboat or Submarine Rock in Sedona

Watch Tower.jpg (114169 bytes)

Watch Tower at Desert View

Watch Tower2.jpg (99027 bytes)

Watch Tower at Desert View

AZtrailsigngc.JPG (180658 bytes)

Arizona Trail

AZtrailsigngc2.JPG (62227 bytes)

Arizona Trail

AZtrailsigngc3.JPG (84978 bytes)

Arizona Trail

compy.JPG (135852 bytes)

Compy tracks near Tuba City

cop.JPG (178760 bytes)


dilopskel.JPG (131753 bytes)

Dilophosaurus skeleton

raptor claw.JPG (116230 bytes)

Raptor claw

plainfull of tracks.JPG (136948 bytes)

Kayenta dinosaur track plain

kayentaformation.JPG (102176 bytes)

Kayenta dinosaur track plain

oraibichurch.JPG (66880 bytes)

The mission that was hit by lightening in 1609 at Old Oraiba

proph1.JPG (117341 bytes)

Prophecy Rock

propoutline1.JPG (80388 bytes)

Prophecy Rock with outline

proposharpside.JPG (123103 bytes)

Side view of Prophecy Rock

propanddave2.JPG (113249 bytes)

Dave and "The Rock"

remnantsoforibai.JPG (122853 bytes)

A fading culture. 

remnantsoforibai2.JPG (121696 bytes)

A fading culture. 

remnantsoforibai3.JPG (97784 bytes)

A fading culture. 

Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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