Pipe Springs, Utah  (26 second load for all the photos at the bottom)

Brigham Young country.  Stacey took me through some Mormon territory, teaching me an enormous amount about their culture.  This started at Pipe Springs, a real eye-opener for me, since the guide and I squared off after he used the term "leftover wives".  Stacey thought we were going to get into a major argument!  The fort has a cupelo on the roof where a young boy would watch for the sheriff.   "Excess wives" were hustled out into the desert where they waited until the coast was clear. The door behind me in this photo is located on the second story and was used for just that purpose.  Imagine that! "Leftover wives" is an infuriating concept to me.leftover wives.JPG (51678 bytes)   Stacey took this photo after something of a heated exchange had taken place.  The guide was a little startled since the large majority of people who visit the Springs are Mormons looking at their history.  I am not Mormon.

Pipe Springs, the only water source for miles, was originally controlled by the Utes who cheerfully allowed the first Mormons to use it. When the Mormons came through, they claimed it and eventually built a fort around it preventing the Utes from using the water!  A huge percentage of the Ute population died of thirst thanks to that move. But this is American history, like it or not.  

Salt Lake City was the base for the Mormons..still is, for that matter.  Pipe Springs was a half way point between Salt Lake City and a new tabernacle being built, named St. George.  It was a "tithing ranch" where the "tithe" was cattle.  Two thousand head of cattle over a 5 year period destroyed the local vegetation, turning it into the desolate dust bowl it is today. 

The cattle fed the workers building the tabernacle. A supply chain sent beef, butter and cheese daily by wagon for the full five years. 

Young was a progressive-visionary.  Located on the second story is the telegraph room where a young female telegrapher actually was kept in the room..day and night..not allowed to leave...just in case there was a hot message. Utah isn't called the "Busy Bee" State for nothin'.  I'm going to drop this now.

Pipe Springs pen.JPG (32543 bytes) Pipefort.JPG (55418 bytes) Pipe tour1.JPG (52948 bytes) PS M and tour guide.JPG (27572 bytes)
PS porch.JPG (18166 bytes)  PS churn from the balcony.JPG (22303 bytes)Porch, as seen from the second story balcony Pipe Organ old house.JPG (54409 bytes) Store house just outside the gates  PS parlor.JPG (17091 bytes)Me in the parlour
cheese press.JPG (42946 bytes) The butter press PS bedroom.JPG (20632 bytes) PS daybed and quilts.JPG (23016 bytes) PS kitchen cupboard.JPG (16939 bytes) Kitchen cupboard
PS cook site.JPG (26728 bytes) Cooking site.  A "friendly" rattlesnake was found in the bushes so we steered clear. PS patchwork.JPG (26550 bytes)   Patchwork quilt PS sewing machine.JPG (18650 bytes)   One of several sewing machines PS table setting.JPG (33085 bytes) Note the turned over cups and plates.  It prevented dirt and dust from settling on them.
p1061882.JPG (54609 bytes) The beautiful tabernacle on the left is what all the effort supported. I cannot fault their work ethic.  
Map of Arizona.jpg (55174 bytes)

Map of Arizona


The rez.jpg (39886 bytes)

Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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