Sedona Vortexes (vortices)

In the 1950's, a woman by the name of Page Bryant found energy centers,   electromagnetic disturbances, in the Sedona area: Boynton Canyon close to the ancient ruins of Palatki, on the north side of Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Rachel's Knoll, Airport Mesa (one on the way up and one at the end of the runway)and Chapel Road close to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Egypt have similar energy centers.  Sedona has long been used by Native Americans for its healing atmosphere and sacred areas.

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The Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon area has been sacred to aboriginal people since prehistoric times. Not only Hopi, Navajo and their ancestors, but natives from as far as Canada and Central America would journey here for healing and learning. Focal points for an energy  traditional scientists have not yet been able to understand nor measure.

After living in Sedona for four months in 1997, my respect for their healing power increased immensely.  There are reports of miraculous healings similar to Lourdes, creative pursuits such as painting and poetry are developed and a tremendous sense of peace and centering occurred.  I investigated the New Age Center located next to Oak Creek Bridge, enjoyed hiking to the vortexes, added some crystals to my home and thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful place.

I make it a point to offer the experience to those with an open mind.


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