Rattlesnake Quiz

It's that time of year again.  I found this fun quiz on DesertUSA and thought I would share it while giving them all the credit they deserve for having a fabulous site. Rattlesnake bites in the desert and in city occur yearly.  A healthy 40 year old man who lived by Camelback Mountain picked up a baby rattler near his daughter's lemonade stand and was bitten on his finger.  He immediately received medical care at a nearby hospital.  Four hours later, he was dead.  Never, ever pick up a rattler no matter the size.

True or False?

1. The Western Diamondback always rattles to warn a victim.

2. The snake rattles to dispense a poisonous dust into the air.
3. It can charm a bird out of a tree.
4. It imprints its appearance on the fetal child of a pregnant woman.
5. It can grow to be ten or even twelve feet long.
6. It swallows its young to protect them from harm.
7. It will not crawl across a horse-hair rope.
8. Its venom, flesh, skin or rattles can cure various human diseases and wounds.
9. Its eyes, clouded by a loosening skin prior to shedding, impair its vision.
10. It can live for more than twenty years.

11. Its age corresponds to the number of its rattles.
12. Its venom can retain its potency for years.

(1-8, false; 9 and 10, true; 11, false; 12, true)

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Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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