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The Village
Grand Canyon Village is a good starting point. A rim trail extends from Mather Point east of the Village west to Hermits Rest and has exceptional canyon views. Popular Bright Angel Trail, which accesses the inner canyon, begins just to the west of Bright Angel Lodge. Concessioner Fred Harvey Company built several lodges and gift shops in the Village, beginning in 1907 with El Tovar Hotel, one of the first hotels to be built in a national park.

El Tovar Hotel 1905.jpg (23912 bytes)   El Tovar

Talented architect Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter designed many buildings here, including the 1905 curio shop Hopi House, Bright Angel Lodge (1935), Lookout Studio (1914), Hermits Rest on West Rim Drive (1914), Phantom Ranch at Bright Angel Creek (1922), and the Desert View Watchtower (1932). Verkamp's Curios, the Canyon's oldest continuously operated store, was constructed in 1906.

Geologic fireplace.jpg (21351 bytes) Bright Angel Lodge-The Geologic Fireplace Lookout Studio 1914.jpg (17624 bytes)   Lookout Studio 1914 Hermit's Rest 1915.jpg (19762 bytes)   Hermit's Rest fireplace
Hopi House 1905.jpg (18886 bytes)   Hopi House 1905 Phantom Ranch 1922.jpg (26249 bytes)   Phantom Ranch 1922 Watch Tower 1932.jpg (27517 bytes) Watch Tower
Nampaeo at Hopi House 1905.jpg (24226 bytes) Nampaeo in Hopi House Mary Colter at 23.jpg (11285 bytes) Mary Colter at 23 Mary Colter making a bowl.jpg (13235 bytes) Colter making a bowl

Kolb Studio, built by photographers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb in 1904, has changing exhibits about the Kolbs. Ellsworth and Emery Kolb were the first to film a Grand Canyon river run. They opened their photographic studio at the head of Bright Angel Trail in 1904. Emery Kolb continued selling curios and photos of mule riders descending Bright Angel Trail until his death in 1976. Also revived is the historic, steam-powered Grand Canyon Railway, which puffs into the Village daily in summer.

Bright Angel Trail-Devils Corkscrew.JPG (56733 bytes)  Bright Angel Trail-- Devil's Corkscrew View

The Inner Canyon
The inner canyon can be reached from the rim only by a strenuous, minimum-two-day hike (backcountry permit required) or mule trip (reserve well ahead). The Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails intersect with several other trails for a variety of hiking options. Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground are popular overnight stops and are open all year. All overnight backcountry camping trips require a permit, except for Phantom Ranch.

Within the Canyon, the Colorado River drops 2,215 feet while being channeled into ever-narrower paths. It makes for a raging river that only a hearty and experienced few can negotiate. A few whitewater river trips (generally offered April to October) start at Phantom Ranch, although Lees Ferry is the most frequent starting point. A 5-hour river float and picnic is offered as part of a 12-hour tour leaving from Grand Canyon Village.

Silver Bridge.jpg (40042 bytes) The Silver Bridge across the Colorado to the North Rim.

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Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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