Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks 2005

Located approximately 6 miles east of the Hwy 89 and 160 junction on the north side of the road, this site is open to the public.  Navajo guides will escort you across the plain, pointing out, outlining and informing you of their significance.  I could spend hours here.  The tracks were made during the Jurassic period near an inland sea or lake in what is now called the Kayenta Formation. I walked out to the edge of the site and found a good shot of the ripples formed at the waters edge.  The Navajo also have a sense of humor.  One of the last photos is a coprolite 'turdle".  Cute.

jurassicplain.JPG (113759 bytes)Kayenta Plain kayentaformation.JPG (102176 bytes)Kayenta Plain dilopskel.JPG (131753 bytes)Dilophosaurus skeleton dilopskel2.JPG (133302 bytes)Dilophosaurus skeleton
dilopskel3.JPG (133826 bytes)Dilophosaurus skeleton dino20.jpg (118898 bytes)Dilophosaurus skeleton dino12.jpg (142043 bytes)Dilophosaurus tracks dino14.jpg (135852 bytes)Compy tracks
dino15.jpg (141558 bytes)Dilophosaurus tracks   dino19.jpg (133412 bytes)Dilophosaurus tracks  dino11.jpg (147824 bytes)Dilophosaurus tracks dino21.jpg (161749 bytes)Coelophysis tracks
 dinotr.jpg (123382 bytes)T. rex dinotr2.jpg (146283 bytes)T. rex dinotr3.jpg (165753 bytes)T. rex dinotr4.jpg (150304 bytes)T. rex
jurassicshoreripples.JPG (135265 bytes)Jurassic ripples  raptor claw.JPG (116230 bytes)Raptor claw turdle.jpg (125300 bytes)"Turdle"  
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Map of Arizona


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Map of the reservations and Four Corners 


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