Arizona Trail



Mogollon Rim Trails and Exciting Places to Explore   Spring 2004

If you are coming to Arizona or are one of us who love this state and it’s diversity, here are a couple of plans for the spring.

The Arizona Trail:

If you think it’s all been done before, think again.  The Arizona Trail begins at the Utah border and continues to Mexico.  Portions of it are still being developed today.  If you have a trail blazing spirit and want to leave a legacy, volunteer to help complete this wonderful resource.  Below is the map and information regarding how to contribute and add your name to the last trail blazers of the Wild West.

Click to enlarge.  The dotted areas are the one that still need your help.

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Arizona Trail Passages

Mexico to Utah

# Name Passage Description Miles
1 Huachuca Mountains Mexico border – to- Parker Canyon Lake 23.6
2 Canelo Hills East Parker Canyon Lake -to- Canelo Pass 13.5
3 Canelo Hills West Canelo Pass -to- Patagonia 21.2
4 Temporal Gulch Patagonia -to- Gardner Canyon Road 15.8
5 Santa Rita Mountains Gardner Canyon Road -to- Highway 83 21.4
6 Empire-Cienega Highway 83 -to- Interstate 10 26.0
7 Rincon Valley I Interstate 10 -to- Saguaro National Park (Hope Camp) 18.0
8 Happy Valley Interstate 10 -to- Miller Creek 9.5
9 Rincon Mountains Miller Creek (current)/Hope Camp (proposed) -to- Italian Trap 28.2
10 Redington Pass Italian Trap -to- Prison Camp Trailhead 15.7
11 Santa Catalina Mountains Prison Camp Trailhead -to- Mt Lemmon 15.5
12 Mt. Lemmon/Oracle Ridge Mt Lemmon -to- American Flag TH 23.8
13 Oracle American Flag TH -to- Tiger Mine Trailhead 9.5
14 Black Hills Tiger Mine Trailhead -to- Freeman Road 26.2
15 Tortilla Mountains Freeman Road -to- Gila River 23.6
16 White Canyon Gila River -to- WhiteCanyon Wilderness 15.0
17 Alamo Canyon Wood Canyon -to- Picketpost Trailhead 11.0
18 Picketpost/Reavis Canyon Picketpost Trailhead -to- Rogers Trough Trailhead 14.0
19 Superstition Wilderness Rogers Trough Trailhead -to- Roosevelt Lake 27.7
20 Four Peaks Roosevelt Lake -to- Lone Pine Saddle 16.5
21 Pine Mt/Boulder Creek Lone Pine Saddle -to- Sunflower 18.5
22 Saddle Mountain Sunflower -to- Mt Peeley 14.0
23 Mazatzal Divide Mt Peeley -to- the Park (junction Trail 23/24) 20.0
24 Red Hills The Park (junction trail 23/24 to East Verde River) 10.7
25 Whiterock Mesa East Verde River to Twin Buttes (FR #194) 9.5
26 Hardscrabble Mesa East Verde River -to- Pine 20.4
27 Highline Pine -to- Mogollon Rim 19.2
28 Blue Ridge Mogollon Rim -to- Highway 87 15.3
29 Happy Jack Highway 87 -to- Allan Lake 35.0
30 Mormon Lake Allen Lake -to- Marshall Lake 28.0
31 Walnut Canyon Marshall Lake -to- Interstate 40 19.0
32 Flagstaff Bypass Interstate 40 at Cosnino -to- Schultz Pass 11.2
33 Flagstaff Fisher Point -to- Schultz Pass 18.0
34 San Francisco Peaks Schultz Pass -to- Cedar Ranch 22.0
35 Babbitt Ranch Cedar Ranch -to- Moqui Stage Station 19.0
36 Coconino Rim Moqui Stage Station -to- Grandview Lookout 19.0
37 Grand Canyon – South Rim Grandview Point -to- Yaki Point 25.0
38 Grand Canyon – Inner Gorge Yaki Point -to- North Kaibab Trailhead 18.6
39 Grand Canyon – North Rim North Rim Trailhead -to- GCNP/NF Boundary 12.0
40 Kaibab Plateau South GCNP/FS Boundary to Telephone Hill 20.6
41 Kaibab Plateau Central Telephone Hill -to- Highway 89a 16.7
42 Kaibab Plateau North Highway 89a -to- Winter Road 13.2
43 Buckskin Mountain Winter Road -to- Utah border 11.0